J.Pierce Is More Than a Name.

J.Pierce is more than a name. As an American contemporary modern artist − J.Pierce stands for everything outside the box. Born 1988 in California the “sunshine state” has definitely influenced his artistic style and theme of his artwork. Justin now resides in Arizona, broadening his journey as an artist. J.Pierce has found a passion in fine arts, product design and custom urban murals to touch people and their emotions. His use of colors and patterns makes his work unique and attractive to both− the young and the young at heart.

J.Pierce is inspired to give his paintings life. His unique artwork is both happy and intense with bold, bright colors. J.Pierce is constantly exploring new techniques, form and materials in creating something pleasing to the eye. This is what sets J.Pierce aside from others. He’s not afraid to step out of the box flowing designs with creativity. His work is collected by Celebrities, Pro athletes and contemporary Collectors in North America, Asia and Europe.

J.Pierce recently designed a line of luggage and backpacks for Planet Traveler, shoes for Joy & Mario and clothing for Liberty Clothing. In 2014, J.Pierce had his first solo show in Toronto, Canada and was huge success. In 2015, Justin’s artwork was also showcased in LA, Asheville, San Francisco, Quebec City, Miami, Arizona and Beverly Hills galleries. Not to mention the countless murals he has devoted to underprivileged schools in his hometown Arizona.

J.Pierce is inspired by legendary artists; Warhol, Seuss, Haring and Picasso. He’s always discovering new insights and artistic visions from art galleries, books, and pop culture in general. 

J. Pierce has been on his own since the age of 16 enduring many hardships and triumphs along the way.  His journey has impacted him in a positive way and made him who he is today− a caring and generous person. He knows firsthand what it means to work from the ground up. Justin believes in giving back and a portion of his revenue is used towards art education and volunteering at schools across North America.

Justin is a passionate motivational speaker− followed by eager young listeners and an audience who loves to hear what he has to say. He knows in his heart that he can inspire others to reach their goals with determination and a positive attitude. J.Pierce is grateful for his gifts and feels blessed to be able to share it with the world.